Ahmad Faraz passed away

Urdu poetry is one of the most beautiful way of expression of feelings. Allama Iqbal, Faiz Ahmad Faiz, Muneer Niazi, Amjad Islam Amjad and many other got popularity for their amazing poetry.

However, Ahmed Faraz can be regarded as one of the most popular poets. He passed away on 25th August 2008 in Islamabad. Inna Lila He Wa Inna Ilay He Rajioon. Faraz wrote many ghazals and poems that got very popular. Many of his poetry was composed by the music directors and sung by renown singers. His real name was Syed Ahmed Shah and he was born in Nowshehra on 14th January 1931.

Ahmad Faraz was a great man as he always fought against Army dictators in Pakistan through his pen. Just a little before his death, he joined the lawyers in their movement against Musharraf. In a Geo TV Talk Show ‘Capital Talk’ he criticised Army generals who have been involved in the politics.

Ahmed Faraz also remained out of country during the black reign of Gen. Zia Ul Haq. He was also put behind the bars by Gen. Zia. Gen. Musharraf also did not treat him well and ordered police to throw his luggage out of his home in Islamabad.

Poetry of Ahmed Faraz comprises of simple but beautiful words that can be easily understood even by a common man. He was awarded the Hilal-e-Imtiaz in 2004 by the Pakistani Government. Faraz’s death is a big loss for Urdu poetry that is not easily coverable. May Allah bless his soul with eternal peace…Amin!

Ranjish Hee Sahee

Ranjish Hee Sahee

Our poet, Ismail Ajaz (Khayal) has expressed his feelings over Faraz’s death in these words:

Woh Hamsafar (in the memory of Ahmed Faraz)

Woh Hamsafar (in the memory of Ahmed Faraz)



  1. Dear Salaam ,

    if you have the muhasira written by Ahmed Faraz pl. forward me and anything which he has written against the millitary / dictatorship rule in pakistan in the form of Gen.Zia ul haQ or Pervez Mushi.


  2. Sorry friend,
    I dont have any material that you have demanded. However, I can get information for you.

  3. Faraz:
    Poetry often sublimes,often leaves you melancholic.Your poetry people say is of romantic realism.I find it real and reflective realm of choice too.You have reinvented love and a miss in this world. Firaq and Fraz, really’ Ajaze Sukhun’ have given us meaning and engagement to our otherwise,listeless life.

  4. faraz sahib is very nice person accoding to poetry.

    one sher from my friend malik moradabadi

    kuchh usko tasalli si mere bad mil gai,
    jab khaque me ye hastiye nashad mil gai,

  5. ahmed faraz is one and only and i ill try to be like good and pepol can see me soon but not like ahmed faraz it will take time bcouse i just start now i am like a student now but all of you pls pray for me thaks


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