PML(N) departs its ways from PPP

Chalo Ik Baar Phir Se Ajnabi Bun Jaayain Hum Dounoun

Chalo Ik Baar Phir Se Ajnabi Bun Jaayain Hum Dounoun

Kia Hua Tera Waada, Woh Qasam Woh Iraada! With this verse of a hit Bollywood song, Nawaz Sharif announced yesterday (25 August 2008 ) to come out of the coalition government with Pakistan Peoples Party. He told in a press conference in Islamabad that he was announcing this decision with great grieve as it was in the favour of Pakitan that this coaltion government could have worked together. But as Asif Ali Zardari refrained from reinstating the detained Judges, this coalition broke down. PML(N) has nominated Justice (retd.) Saeed Uz Zaman Siddiqui as its candidate for the forthcoming Presidential election. He will contest against Zardari for the office of the President of Pakistan.

This is really an alarming issue, which needs to be taken very seriously by the PPP leadership because now a great majority of the PPP supporters are also upset due to Zardari’s self made decisions on important national issues. Asif Ali Zardari is really doing great to destroy the image of PPP. It can be forecast that in the next elections, PPP will not be able to convince its voters. Nawaz’s decision is warmly welcomed by the APDM leaders and they have asked PML(N) to join them once again.


One comment

  1. Even a number of PMLQ members wish to join hands with PMLN. PMLQ can merge into PMLN by subtracting Chaudhry Bros.

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