Is this the PPP of Shaheed Bhuttos?

Pakistan Peoples Party Flag

Pakistan Peoples Party Flag

Yesterday I heard a news and found myself helpless writing this article, although I was not in a mood to discuss the shameful political situation of Pakistan.

Mr. Asif Ali Zardari, who has been nominated by the Central Executive Committee of Pakistan Peoples Party to contest the election for the office of the President of Islamic Republic of Pakistan, issued a shameful statement on his written commitments and bindings with Pakistan Muslim League-N. When he was asked by the journalist for not fulfilling his promises about the restoration of deposed judges, Zardari replied that such promises were not like Quran or Hadiths (sayings of the Holy Prophet Muhammad-PBUH) that needed to be fulfilled. This preson is going to become the President of our country and he does not understand value of ‘WORD’. What kind of leadership is this? Is this the same PPP for which Zulfiqar Ali Bhutto and his daughter Benazir Bhutto sacrificed their lives???

I request senior PPP leaders and workers to think over this issue as in my opinion their party is hijacked by the insincere and non-serious people, who want to cash the names of above mentioned Shaheed leaders for their own purposes.



  1. He is a reputed crook! What else one can expect from such a person.

    That would be the darkest day in the history of Pakistan if he actually became president :S

  2. Just give me your precious 2 minutes

    I am telling you some thing about nature; nature is very kind for the entire universe, and variation of universe are depending upon the attitude and behavior of human being, being a human lets talk about the facts.

    Why facilities are taken back and unwanted rules and regulations are made for the peoples by the nature. Why some unfair unreliable untrustworthy people are overwhelming upon the entire nation of Pakistan?

    There are some very reasons.

    Are we suffering from Exploitation, Criticism, Allegations, Dishonesty, Disgracing attitudes, Taunting and insulting behavior for each other, Uncivilized life style, ridiculous dealing with law n order, no caring no love no pain for each other? After freedom of 61 years do we have any morality of nation unity of nation leader ship of nation? Do we have any system of equal mind’s status or standard in order to build a strong nation; did we make a nation who could make their own decisions for their own destinies?
    A nation needs love, tolerance, appreciations, and regards for each other, sacrificing spirit for each other without any discrimination, unity for the sake of nation for a country; did they merge on one platform and select a leader for the betterment of the future of nation and safety of the country? It should be perfect after 61 years but our own negligence performance and careless life style has taken us on the stage where we are raising our fingers towards each others.

    Let’s ask to our own self what we have done for our country rather criticizing to each other.

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