Melbourne – a beautiful city

Bourke Street, Melbourne

Bourke Street, Melbourne

It was 13th March 2004, when I landed in Melbourne, Australia. I had got Australian immigration and decided to settle in Australia. With dreams in my eyes, I reached Melbourne where my younger brother Majid was living already in order to complete his computer science degree from RMIT.

Melbourne is a real beautiful city and one gets in love with this amazing place after spending a few days here. Its one of the few cities in the world, where trams are being used as a medium of travel. Live music on Bourke Street in the City Area is a must-to-listen item. Walking on the bankside of Yarra River in little chilled weather is one of the most beautiful memories of my life.

Victorian Arts Centre

Victorian Arts Centre

Victorian Arts Centre presents a beautiful view in night. Similarly I cherish my guided tour to MCG (Melbourne Cricket Ground). It is a must-to-do thing in Melbourne. The city of Melbourne was declared as the ‘Most liveable city in the world’ in 1990. Melbournites are very friendly and welcoming. You will find all people smiling and helping each other. Almost half of the population comprises of Chienese immigrants. Recently a new attraction Eureka Skydeck 88 is added to the existing attractions of Melbourne. Its 88th floor of the highest building in Melbourne, Eureka. 360 degree of view is available from this beautifully decorated floor, having glasses on all of its sides.

Crown Entertainment Complex is another attraction. It has the biggest casino of Australia. In this one building you find shopping area, cinemas, restaurants and casino. St. Kilda beach is a beautiful beach, which is a hot point of visitors.

Melbourne’s weather is one of the trickiest things in the world. It is said its the city where you will find all four weathers in a day. You will find people wearing t-shirts, jackets, suits and shorts in the same day. Rain comes all of a sudden and one cannot predict about the weather very precisely.

I recommend all those who can afford to visit this beautiful city as their trip to Melbourne will become a beautiful memory for them.

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