Pakistan in the search of love

Today I am writing something different from the routine and I really expect some very serious comments on this from the viewers. Pakistanis were one nation, when we got our homeland in 1947 after a great sacrifice. Many people lost their lives and many families got dispersed. Many of our sisters and mothers were disgraced by the enemy. Muhammad Ali Jinnah played a vital role for giving us this Islamic land by the grace of Allah. Unfortunately, we forgot that our ancestors had given their blood for this country. We did not remain one nation and started dividing on the basis of language, religious beliefs and political differences. Political and religious leaders who could play a better role to control these issues, did not realise the damage that would be resulted from these conflicts.

Now we are not one nation…. We are Punjabis, Sindhis, Muhajirs, Pathans, Balochis, Kashmiris, Qabailees, Shiaa, Sunni, Wahabee, Ismaelee, blah blah….

We teach same things to our kids who are the most innocent humanbeings and know to love only. I wish that we as Pakistanis can become united by accepting each other as we are. We must spread LOVE and PEACE that today we are missing in our so called civilised society. I request all of you to think on this issue seriously and start a CHANGE by yourself. You can invite people from other beliefsets or cultures over a cup of tea and I am sure that insha Allah a day will come when we will be a great and strong nation once again… Insha Allah!



  1. A very nice thought. We all must contribute to bring all the nation closer. I wish a bright future for our motherland.

  2. You are absolutely showing a patriotic essence by your heart touching words, which directly affect upon the hearts n souls.
    No doubt, now our PAKISTAN is in search of TRUE love,

    A love, when it is done with some one, who is beloved of us then all of short coming and lapses are ignored and considered just like a trifling matter, we love our beloved with the complete acceptance of good and bad factors, we do not highlight or discuss with others about our beloved’s bad things, through irrespective remarks, even if we find them having a lots of disliking attitude and bad habits, we just tolerate them and try our best to reform and rectify them.
    I do hope you all viewers be getting me as a Pakistani very clearly what I mean to convince you, let us give priority to our that Pakistan who loves us transparently without knowing whether we love or we do not love to GREAT PAKISTAN.
    O people of Pakistan!
    Pakistan is in search of your true love with that Pakistan who loves you like a Mother.

    Let us demonstrate to all of us as a colorful nation of a country, just like different colorful flowers in a beautiful garden

  3. We should teach our future generations to be one.
    Pakistan is really going through bad times. Now the real war of identities have started. First it was limited to prejudices now it is an open war. In FATA people say kill Punjabis since they are killing us.
    That is really sad!



  5. All of you have written thoughtfully that I appreciate. Unfortunately our leadership has other targets in their minds and they are least bothered about internal racism or biasness. This thing is a poison for Pakistan. Allah bless our leaders with wisdom and good intentions… Amin!

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