18th August – a new independence day for Pakistan

Musharraf - the worst Army dictator

Musharraf - the worst Army dictator

Pakistani Qaum ko yaum-e-azadi mubarik. This Urdu sentence means “Happy independence day to Pakistani nation”. Normally this sentence is used on 14th August every year, which is the date when Pakistan got independence from the British rule in 1947.

18th August 2008 can be termed as a new independence day for Pakistan, when an Army dictator admitted his defeat and resigned from the country’s presidentship after bringing the country in a high instable condition. Musharraf has as many as controvercial acts on his record that its difficult to count all of them. According to a review on Geo TV, nation did not accept his decisions about Dr. A.Q. Khan, Chief Justice of Pakistan Mr. Iftikhar Muhammad Chaudhry and Lal Masjid action.

New government showed courage against him unanimously by preparing a charge-sheet against him, which was likely to be presented in the National Assemby by tomorrow. Musharraf was going to have a tough time, therefore his sincere freinds and political partners advised him to withdraw now. Role of Army Chief, General Ashfaq Pervaiz Kiani remained very positive on this issue as he did not support President Musharraf for using Article 58-B2 for dissolving the parliament. He is a true soldier who wants to improve the image of Pakistan Army. Let us see what happens next….

Our poet, Mr. Ismail Ajaz has written a very special poem on Musharraf’s resignation. Its in Urdu, so I apologise to those visitors who cannot read Urdu.

Samandar Ka Yeh Jhaag (click to read)

Samandar Ka Yeh Jhaag (click to read)



  1. Musharraf lost his popularity and strength by his actions on March 9,2007, May 12,2007 and November 3,2007. His referendum and reelection from the assemblies were rejected by every corner of the country.

  2. Utterly sad to see how educated people such as Musharraf comprising the (so called) elite of our country behave when it comes to power (and money). Despite all the independence day anthems and speeches, this nation still needs to break free from the thrall of mental slavery and indiscriminate savagery ever so common in our society.

  3. We all are very much happy that now there is no any Musharaf, but there are so many personalities who are still repeating Musharaf’s policies and the changes which we are expecting are still very much far. There will be no any big difference if the characters been disappeared from the stage because the “Directer” is still there and he will introduce some other artists and play will be continue as it was. So system should be changed not faces.

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