Racism against Muslim actors in India

Jang online edition

News in Urdu (click to read)...Source: Jang online edition

India always claims to be the world’s biggest secular state, where all citizens have equal rights regardless of their faith or beliefs. Unfortunately this is not true at all. in India not only Muslims, but Christians, Sikhs and even lower casts of Hindus are kept deprived of basic human rights. The present news is that renown Muslim actress Shabana Azmi and her husband, a well known poet, Javed Akhtar are facing great difficulty in finding a house in Mumbai (Bombay). Shabana told that they are facing this situation just because they are Muslims. She added that similar condition is being faced by her fellow Muslim actor Saif Ali Khan. ‘Khans’ have brought lot of success for the Bollywood and in my personal opinion (to which you may disagree) they are not practically Muslims. My Muslim friends from India have told me in Dubai that they find great difficulty in getting jobs in India just because of their faith. Its a matter of shame for a democratic republic having a oppulation of more than 1.2 billion people. Indian government must take immediate steps to control the violence against Muslims, Christians, Sikhs and other religious minorities.



  1. It’s very unfortunate that prominent Muslims such as Shabana do not get a house to buy. But it is foolish to blame govt. as it has never put any conditions to buy any property on religious grounds. I feel that it is not hatred against Muslims but fear of being a neighbour to a muslim has kept off the property owners from selling their property to Muslims. Muslims need to think seriously why they are being ostracised by the other communities.

  2. Racism is not only the matter of India it is a worst matter in the entire world, it has been coming in front of people as an issue because of stimulation of demoralized brain washing educational system .
    Reason of racism is narrowness and hateful expression by demonstration of those peoples who understand them self better than others in all prospect; here I will have to say that it is not the fault of people who are creating or expressing racism by their behavior, I say it a fault of that training which is given by their culture and society, which is providing them an education which prepare them against of the rest those who do not match with them.
    The system which you suggest an education I say it a professional awareness, a skill providing system which can make a legislator, lawyer, judge, advocate, Politician, Doctor, Engineer even all type of people respectively to concern to their departments, just like a good professional but not a good human being until they get civilized education which teaches a value and respect of human being without any discrimination. That education works on the HEARTS to make them very HUMBLE and very POLITE, very kind with every one for the sake of HUMANITY. When that education comes in lives practically then this World is seemed a planet of PEACE, a HEAVEN for all of the mankind in the entire WORLD.

  3. Muslims has chosen India to live and always they raise their voices in the favor of their country. In every moment they have proved the whole world that they consider their country first and Islam second. Whenever they had to chose India or Islam they prefer India first and then Islam. Kashmir is the vital prove of this factor. Indian muslims defend India about its abject behavior with kashmiries without thinking any moment that they are muslims and any aggression against them must be condemned, but they did not.Its mean that country is much important then religion in their eyes. Pakistan made on Islam and Pakistani nation always proved that they are considering Islam first in their all life moments and Pakistan is the only country in the world who condemned each and every illicit activity against muslims and nation was always behind.So when you are taking your country first and then your religion then you must be ready for any incident like this. Now this is 1001% confirm that India is a hindu estate and other religions come later. It is a request to indian muslims that it was your choice so now be live with this environment and don’t raise your voice against it.

  4. Sikhs are never discriminated upon. People dont prefer Muslims as neighbours more out of fear than hate. Also, Indians are generally very unhappy about Muslims not family planning & objecting every law in favor of the same, citing religious reasons. Also, being a Hindu, I have many a times been approached by evangelists to convert & after a point its get irritating. We absolutely have no problems with Non-evangelising Xtians(eg: Catholics). Also, educated Hindus hate people who discriminate on caste lines (In my family 4 of my 1st cousins have married from these so-called different castes). This is the true picture of India coming from a common man living in Bangalore. Please dont spread these false news.

  5. Dear Jay,
    I wish I supported you on this issue but unfortunately its wrong. Hindus are the worst racists. They consider Muslims as filthy people. Recently one of the members of Gandhi family told people in a public meeting that Muslims deserve to be killed. You people kill Christians for converting those Hindus who are hated and discriminated by your own so called upper-class people. You people killed many Sikhs after assassination of Indra Gandhi by her Sikh guards. What can you tell about these issues…Just nothing!!!!

  6. It is well known here in Europe that Indians are amongst the most close-minded ever been. they look down on everybody else, and theyr attitude toward muslims, christians, or sikhs, are only a few example of what their actual opinion about other people. In Europe, they always stay in community, don’t mix others, or those who dare to do so are banned from theyr community. India is not a democracy at all, it’s a country slowly transforming into a religious-based theocracy, the frontdoor of a future racist dictatorship.

  7. it was so surprise that muslim here talking about racism.its really false news that muslim dont get home to live.if its true than how would adnan sami had 4 flats in mumbai.many muslim like katrina kaif salman khan and even saif had more than 3 homes in mumbai.
    So there is no question about racism in india.but muslim are the great racist they dont even allow nonmuslim to carry there own religious symbols in muslim country.so muslim has to learn at first in then then teach other.

  8. I have been your all blogs the day i saw it.
    Wonderful on all the issues and being very descriptive i appreciate your blogs.
    As an Indian I would like to raise a voice about the racism issue. You cant blame any country for the racism just only because they have not given a house to a celebrity
    Dear Sir it’s very regrettable after reading all your blogs that you can come to such a conclusion. Being a neighbor of a celebrity is one of a catastrophe in its own. And again blaming on the whole country can’t you see other fellow actors who are living peacefully in mumbai for decades (I am talking about muslims). Have you seen any country in which muslim is the president (The most adorable person in INDIA ), sikh is the prime minister. How can you blame a country like INDIA in which Azmer and other dargaas are mostly visited by hindus only. M
    Please see your country first than blame others

  9. Hello Guru, what entice you to post an article. This article was extremely interesting, especially since I was searching for thoughts on this subject last Thursday.keep working

  10. You you could change the blog subject Racism against Muslim actors in India sadaa-e-Shahid ~ voice of Shahid Javed to something more suited for your content you make. I liked the the writing yet.

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