Provincial Assemblies ask Musharraf to seek ‘vote of confidence’

Yesterday (15th August 2008 ) Balochistan Provincial Assembly unanimously asked President Musharraf to seek vote of confidence from the joint session of National Assembly and Senate. Earlier, Punjab, Sindh and NWFP assemblies have demanded the same with a very high margin of members. Another important news is that yesterday Saudi Intelligence Chief, Prince Maqran met President Musharraf and gave him a message from King Abdullah. Later he also met Chaudhry Shujaat and Nawaz Sharif. According to the resources, he requested Nawaz Sharif to give safe exit to Musharraf, on which Sharif did not agree as he wanted to see Musharraf behind the bars. President Musharraf, who is likely to resign with 3-4 days, is demanding that he must be allowed to live in Pakistan without facing any charges and impeachment. He is on the target list of many militant forces so he fears living in any other country where his security can be in risk.

Same day, PPP and PML-N Impeachment committee finalised the chrge-sheet against Musharraf and handed over it to Law Minister, Farooq Naek, who will submit it to the top leadership of coalition parties after his review.

Lets see what happens in next 3-4 days, as Pak Army will also not be in the favour of impeaching its ex-chief. May Allah bless Pakistan with better and proserous future… Amin! (comments are awaited)


One comment

  1. When the “Day of Judgment” has already come, it will not be a prestigious act for an ex-army chief to seek a safe exit in order to flee from the facts. Being a soldier he must face the reality. Also seeking vote of confidence from a president is just like a lion seeking shelter under the hay along with rabbits. Afterall he was the king of jungle; let him tackle his problem in his own way.

    May Allah bless upon to all of us (aameen).

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