Pakistan’s 62nd Independence Day

Pakistan Zinda Baad!

Long Live Pakistan!

Dil Dil Pakistan!

Jaan Jaan Pakistan!

Jeevay Jeevay Pakistan!


I congratulate all my Pakistani friends and readers on the 62nd Independence day and 61st Anniversary of Pakistan on 14th August 2008. May Allah bless our country with success, propsperity and stability in the coming time and may we achieve all the goals set by the founder Quaid-e-Azam Muhammad Ali Jinnah… Amin!

MESSAGE: I would like to say that we have to work very hard to bring our country in the list of great countries. We have to learn the latest technologies and behave like a mature nation. We have to develop the habits of developed nations and at the same time follow the teachings of Islam that tell us to show tolerance and spread peace. Long Live Pakistan!

GEO TV has done a great job by recording National Anthem of Pakistan in the voice of popular Pakistani singers. I am attaching its video clip from youtube. Enjoy watching our great anthem that makes us feel proud and is the best anthem in the world.



  1. Happy Independece Day to you too (Though it’s tomorrow)

    Nice message… all hopes are for the safe Pakistan.

  2. A GRATITUDE in the shape of TRIBUTE for 62 years old PAKISTAN
    @ The EVENT of August 14, 2008

    Like an ocean of LOVE with the SHELTERS of PEACE and a DIVINE CREDLE of demonstrative mother is our GREAT COUNTRY of PAKISTAN. Due to GREAT PAKISTAN there is an existence of my recognition and identification. Respect and verification of mine which is accepted all around the WORLD; this is the reality of every individual NATIONAL and CITIZEN of GREAT PAKISTAN; who are called PAKISTANIS.
    We must thank to AL MIGHTY ALLAH for His incredible BESTOWAL of BOUNTY on us in the shape of LOVELY PAKISTAN.


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