Impeachment of President Pervaiz Musharraf

Good bye Musharraf!
Good bye Musharraf!

Its about 2 months back when I created this blog website. One of my first article was ‘Should Musharraf be given Safe Way?’. Within two months we are watching that tough time has come for President Musharraf and finally PPP and PML-N (major government allies) agreed on the impeachment of Musharraf.

They have advised him to call session of the National Assembly on 11th August 2008. Musharraf has signed the notice and now the assembly will meet tomorrow to decide the fate of President of Pakistan.
Its good to see that the most unpredictable person Maulana Fazal ur Rehman has also guaranteed his party’s commitment with PPP and PML-N on this issue. Similarly ANP and FATA members have also assured both the major parties that they would vote against the President.
In order to impeach the President of Pakistan, according to the constitution two-third majority is required in a joint session of National Assembly and Senate. Coalition partners are sure that they would easily meet this target, which is a number of 294 members.
PML-Q is supporting President Musharraf and their head Ch. Shujaat Hussain assured Musharraf that they would support him. But he also advised Musharraf not to use power of Article 58-2B for dissolving the assembly as it would have bitter consequences. he advised the President to eaither face the impeachment or otherwise resign. At the moment both sides are trying their best to get the support of MNA’s and Senators for making sure about their victory.
According to the resources, President will be asked to take ‘vote of confidence’ from the National Assembly and Senate. President after his selection in the controversial election commited that he would take the same from the newly elected parliament, but later he did not do the same.
So now its time of change in Pakistan and insha Allah our nation will get rid of this WORST DICTATOR who did countless crimes during his dictatorship.


  1. There is an idiom “AS YOU SOW SO SHALL YOU REAP” time is running in the circle by 360 degrees and needles come on the point of zero to start the same, its not an estrange move, i.e. impeachment of a person who was claiming to be extra ordinary mighty power. Obviously, he is just like us a human being by nature to commit mistakes.
    The ex- GOD on the earth with his unbelievable indeclinable THOUGHTS and POWERS is facing a horrible declination. Its natural, every boom gets ended by a pin drop silence and a hazy picture is cleared by its good or bad results later.
    Let’s see the end of the episode.

  2. Musharraf has vowed to counter the impeachment. Other resources are saying that he may resign within a day or two. Wait and see.

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