Dr. Aafia – daughter of the nation

Every person is sad in Pakistan due to unjustfied and immortal prison of Dr. Aafia Siddiqui by the so called ‘civilised’ US officials. Its a matter of shame that Musharraf allowed them to capture one of his sister. Dr. Aafia holds a Ph.D degree in the comparison of religions from MIT, which is one of the most prestigious US institutions. She is a US citizen.

Dr. Aafia Siddiqui
Dr. Aafia Siddiqui

She is an open minded Muslim who wanted to uplift her children in USA, which resulted in her conflict with her husband that ended at a divorce unfortunately. Five years ago she was kidnapped by the unknown when she was going to Karchi airport for taking a flight to Islamabad. Her three children were also with her who are still missing.

Some days back converted Muslim Journalist Ivan Riddley visited Pakistan and held a press conference in which she disclosed that there was a Pakistani lady in the US torture cell in Bilgram, Afghanistan. Riddley added that her loud crying forces were heard by the male prisoners in the neighbouring cells. It was revealed later that she was made to use male toilet and US soldiers also raped her besides torturing. Charges on her are of carrying some dangerous chemicals which could be used in bomb making. recently she has been taken in front of US court, where her condition was very poor and she could not stand properly. So judge allowed her to sit.
Its indeed matter of SHAME for Pakistan that country’s daughter is facing trial in USA just because our President, Mr. Musharraf earned millions of US$ for handing over the innocent Pakistanis to USA. SHAME ON MUSHARRAF!!!!
Insha Allah now he will have to be answerable as PPP and PML-N have agreed on his impeachment. May Allah help Dr. Aafia and her family and give Musharraf the maximum punishment for his cruel actions.


  1. This is an awful a coward act which never ever visualized by brave people who are claiming them self civilized and peace provider by assurance of justice in the entire world, against of an innocent woman. There are no more atrocities and brutalities will be demonstrated in the entire worlds the future which are seen now a day by our negligence and careless behavior which have been converted in to the cemetery of numbed lives, which can not realize their surrounding it’s really an unavoidable phenomenon for the nation of Pakistan who are getting a sweet sound sleep.
    I do plea to the entire nation of Pakistan to wake up at least for the sake of our own cultural values and respects which are the fundamental right of all communities and nations who are existing in this selfish WORLD.
    O people of PAKISTAN Just request for her freedom of miserable innocent LADY, even though she has lost her conscience.

  2. Pak Government must take immediate steps to bring her back to her motherland.

  3. Pak Government must be very harsh with Musharraf after his successful impeachment and should not allow him to escape as he handed over 100s of innocent people to US just for the sake of money.

  4. Yes, just for the sake of money. He got billions of $ in aid from US while the low rank intelligence officers would get 2Ks right at the moment when they would handed over the detainee to the US authorities.

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