Jawad Ahmad – the music maestro

Jawad Ahmad

Jawad Ahmad

When it comes to discuss about Jawad Ahmad, I find myself in great difficulty because he is an artist having many dimensions. He is a real melodious singer, a competent lyricist and also a successful music director. Jawad is my personal friend and I am very lucky for being one of his many friends. A very simple and humble man by nature, Jawad gives high value to his friends’ comments and suggestions. Jawad Ahamd started singing when he was studying in Engineering University, Lahore. He was student of Mechanical Engineering. Initially he used to sing one or two songs in the musical functions held in the University. Then he joined a Lahore based musical group, Bonfire. Famous band Jupiters was not going good after the separation of Ali Azmat from the band. Hadiqa Kiani’s brother Irfan Kiani was their lead vocalist who unfortunately was not very good in this field.

Jawad Ahmad joined Jupiters in early 90’s and by his wonderful live performance he brought success for the band once again. he was very much commited with the band and was preparing songs for the release of an album. Unfortunately Jupiters’ Manager Mr. Naeem Saeed could not understand his vision and developed conflicts with Jawad. After a long relationship with the band, Jawad had to quit it. Those days he was very sad and he told me that it was not his wish at all to start a solo career. But it proved very good for him and he released his first album ‘Bol Tujhay Kia Chahiye’ in 2000 that proved a great success in the music industry of Pakistan. Later he released two more albums. Jawad writes almost all of his songs himself and he can sing variety of songs, i.e. Bhangra, Rock-n-Roll, Ballad, Disco and many more. Jawad Ahmad’s hit songs include ‘Allah Meray Dil Kay Ander’, ‘Oh Kehndi Aey’, ‘Bin Teray Kia Hay Jeena’, ‘Baqi Sab Theek Hay’, ‘Dosti’, ‘Dholna’, ‘Jind Jaan Sohniye’, ‘Taray Dub Gaey Naey’, ‘Mehndi’ and ‘Yehi Tou Hay Apna Pun’.
He also directed the music for two Lollywood films, ‘Moosa Khan’ and ‘Mayn Ik Din Lout Ke Aaoon Ga’. In the later he sang a song ‘Dil Kay Taar Bajay’ with senior female Indian singer, Asha Bhoslay.
Jawad Ahmad is also doing social work and has established an NGO ‘Taleem for All’. He is trying his best to develop schools in the remote areas for the poor people’s children. These days he is working on his 4th album. We wish him a great success.

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  1. No doubt, Jawad’s contribution to Pakistani Music Industry is appreciable. He is a noble man who always wins his fans with his creative works.

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