Javed Chaudhry – most popular Urdu columnist

Speaking the truth in Pakistan is not that easy, especially for the journalists and writers, who have to face consequences by the non-popular government personnel. Column writing is an art. Javaid Chaudhry is the most popular Urdu columnist in Pakistan. His words touch the hearts of millions who read his columns. Javed started writing some years back in Daily Jang, the largest selling newpaper in the country. Title of his columns is ‘Zero Point’. He got very popular within days. Later he joined Daily Express, which also publishes its online edition just like the original newspaper (http://express.com.pk). Javed Chaudhry is the only Urdu columnist, whose columns are not only read online but thousands of his readers also send them by attaching with their emails. He speaks in the voice of a common man. He brings amazing facts and figures. He not only criticises the black sheeps but also appreciates those who are doing something good for the society. His columns on the live burning of 5 people in Karachi Bar were heart throbbing. Now days Javed is also anchoring a TV Talk Show on Express News channel. No doubt, he is a wonderful person, being loved by his fellow countrymen.



  1. A man in the fire, like a fire fighter all the way on his own risk just tries to save the peoples who are burning in the fire of intolerance, injustice, insecure atmosphere and uncooperative society by their own mistakes, he show them a mirror of time and persuade them to be civilized trustworthy nation in the entire world by truth especially in front of authorities and powers, an alive man in the ocean of dead humanity calling us for self contemplation as a Mr. Javed Chaudhary.
    Keep it up your infinitive determination for the rectification of the nation, May Allah bless upon you.

  2. i like Mr. chaudry columns so much when there is no column in the express newspaper i am not read it plz send me the collection of mr javed chaudery

  3. in the journalistic career the person who impressed me alot is Mr. Javed chaudry and it is my wish to meet him and talk to him once in my life time and i hopefull i will do it.

  4. we need more and more column writers like javed chaudary to have peace and prosperity in the world

  5. He is my favourite journalist. I Regularly read his columns and watch his program KALTAK. If any body can send me his collection of columns(ZERO POINT Vol 1,2,3,4 ) or tell me the links of his columns collections, it will be highly appreciated.

  6. he is my favourite journalist ,true muslim and a good human being. And i think that he has magic in his pen.I only read newspapers becoz of his columns .PLZ donot be absent and write regularly .My husband and my children also like to read and start their day with your column . Even my eleven years old son also a big fan of u.

  7. February 28th, 2009 at 6:36 am

    Dear Javeed Chaudry

    Asslam-u alaikum

    I am in US,i was reading all the time yours columns in online Jung News Paper,u r number one writer,sincere ,intelligent, far vision,honest,and revolutionary author, and pakistani nation should be proud of u by the grace of Allah,and should pray for your long and successful life, i am one of them inshallah.I am big fan of u and i was searching yours columns,then i went on Google’s search then i find now yours columns in Express news,now i am very happy that i am able to read yours columns.No one is complete 100 percent, but u are the best writer,and thinker.I like to meet with u when u visit in usa,my email is in your system, pl let me know when u are coming to USA,on your personal email i will provide u a my phone number.Allah Hafiz

  8. Mr you the one in only coloumist in the country
    who wrote truth in his coloum.i sallam to your inteligincia

  9. mr qasim there are many others coloumist as well but his style of writting is exceptional.

    you can read rauf kalsra, hamid mir , riaz etc

  10. janab, can anyone tell me the publication date of Zero-point volume 1. Actually i am searching for a column by Javed Chaudry sb in which he also wrote a naat.. if i am still remembering then its in Zero-point volume 1 but i donot remember the column name

  11. sir, i hv no words to describe that how special ur. God Bless You. You are the Asset of our countery.

  12. he is very good and one in only coloumist in the country
    i m not in pakistan but i appreciate his writing skills

  13. Dear Javeed Chaudry
    words can express many things. how could i explain you, your personalty your intelligence your knowledge and much more. i was in 9th class when i started reading your Columns in Jung newspaper. i m in masters now but i am still your fan .and now become your crazy fan. i have a little request and a suggestion for you please make your personal website having all the collection of your Columns and features. a forum where people can blog their ideas and points with u.
    may Allah bless u
    i m praying for your long life and prosperity.


  14. I am A radio F.M Presenter in Quetta And i usually read his columns in my shows. well i must say MR.Javed chohdri is the real mujahid who is fighting for Pakistan through his words and his truth.
    it is very difficult to attar a singal word against the government officials and the criminals he is a brave and a true journalist i wish him a very best of luck for his fight as he is motivating all the nation for the unity and to hard work,
    proud to be pakistani and live like a gentelman.
    we are one nation we all the youngsters can change the future of our country we have to hard work against all odds.
    as our holy prophet teaches human brother hood.
    we have to fight against those who they are comiting crimes in the name of the DIVINE.

  15. Undoubtedly one of the best columnists in Pakistan. His only drawback is his biased attitude towards Muslim League (N), he supports them like anything. Still my favourite when writing style and research is concerned.

    Jibran T. Siddiqui
    Reporter, News One

  16. mr.javed ch. is a true pakistani and muslim woh has positive feeligns not only about pakistan but also for the whole ummaha.mr.ch. personality can not calculated in words.the pakistani nation especially i my selfconsider him a spiritual leader woh is here for the leading of pakistani people towad truth and reality.i simply say that mr.ch. has an extra ordinary ability to write on general public problems.

  17. Aslamoalikum I am realy appriciat you and for you work.It is really very difficult.I want to wish you that you always doing this work


  19. aoa.
    me great fan of javeed ch. how i can write like you please guide me.i laso want to contribute to reveal the trutgh like you. you are doing marvellous job.keep it up but also guide the youth how to step forward with you to save our coutry.

  20. sir, in my view i proud on you that you are one that like more in pakistan

  21. i m one of your regular reader but im being surperized by your columns. each column has a differnt and uniqe subject i wonder how u get the ideas how a you select the words and how u start the column. these things seems absolutly supernatuarl
    may u live long.
    allah hum aub ko jaali digrio se bachaye ameen

  22. you r a good writer
    I love to read your sunday articals because on sunday you give good advice to your country people I not only read but love to give my family members and my friends to read
    God blees you

  23. jawed bhai assalam-o-alaikum,
    main express news paper main aapke column parhti hun aapki masbat soch mujhay buhat pasand hai aapko parh kay ummid ki kiran nazar aati hai maayusi kay badal cha’te hain aapne jjo column likha tha jis main aapne japan ki tabahi or pakistan kay sailaab wale halaat ka muqabla kia tha wo buhat achcha tha lekin hamari awam bhi kya karen? ham nay shrow say yehi sab dekha hai

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