Prime Minister Gillani’s poor performane in USA

Yousaf R. Gillani - Pak Prime Minister

Yousaf R. Gillani - Pak Prime Minister

Last week Pakistani Prime Minister Syed Yousaf Raza Gillani visited USA on the invitation of President George W. Bush. His visit has been and being discussed a lot and he is being criticised for creating a poor image of Pakistani government.

I will limit myself to the Prime Minister’s meeting with an important US institution, ‘Council of Foreign Relations’, which comprises of elite retired civil and army officials of US.

BBC writes that Gillani could not answer the raised questions properly. He was not at all ready for such a high profile meeting. Due to his poor performance loud laughters took place when he answered some of the questions. It was observed that Pakistani Prime Minister lacked confidence in speaking English. Then he should have followed up the way of Chiense, Arab and Irani leaders who prefer to speak in their own languages and make use of translaters to explain their viewpoints.

Benazir Bhutto addressed the same forum last year and her confidence was just great. Pakistan is already undergoing a very critical phase and it is most unfortunate that new we have got such leaders who cannot perform in front of foreign media and officials. I wish that our leadership must take this situation very seriously and focus on it to avoid such embarrassing incidents in the future that make poor image of our Country.




  1. About time that Pakistan get “Skilled” leaders amongst its ranks to lead this country into 2. Skilled i-e educated in the area, trained by skilled in.
    Gone are those days when “ickheads with a bit of might could come in power.

  2. Ha ha ha Ya i know about that.I think Gillani is just like a camel’s chiled which have large body structure but having no sense.

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