Justices in search of ‘justice’ in Pakistan

Mr. Iftikhar Ch. - Chief Justice of Pakistan

Mr. Iftikhar Ch. - Chief Justice of Pakistan

Pakistan is a real amazing country. I mean the things that you find here will hardly find anywhere in the world. 3rd November 2007 can be declared as the worst day in the judicial history of Pakistan, when a dictator (Gen. Musharraf) deposed the hounourable Chief Justice of Pakistan, Justice Mr. Iftikhar Muhammad Chaudhry and other 59 judges of the Supreme Court and High Courts. Their fault was only that the so called President of Pakistan had a feeling of decisions against his own will from them. President also put these judges under unjustified house arrest and their children could not attend their schools and colleges till after the 18 Feb. Elections Prime Minister Gillani ordered their release.

Musharraf nominated a new Chief Justice of the Supreme Court, Justice A. Hameed Dogar. Similarly he chose other new judges for the provincial High Courts.

Since then Pakistani lawyers associations and civil society is organising protests and rallies for the restoration of the deposed judges. Long March was also a sequence of this movement. These days deposed Chief Justice Iftikhar M. Chaudhry is visiting the country in a very hot weather and addressing the bar councils in all the four provinces. It is shameful for the PPP government that they have done nothing for the restoration of judiciary in Pakistan and now lawyers are raising their voices against Asif Ali Zardari.

In a country where the judges cannot get justice, how poor and helpless people can think for any justice???


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  1. In my opinion, 9th March 2007 is the worst day of our history when a military dictator stopped the Chief Justice from functioning and put his all family in house arrest. Musharraf must ba accounted for this act.

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