Ramchand Pakistani – Lollywood making ‘Art Movie’

Nandita Das in Ramchand Pakistani

Ramchand Pakistani - new face of Lollywood
Ramchand Pakistani – new face of Lollywood

 Its one of the most amazing and unbelievable news that Lolloywood has taken a new turn and now there are Film Directors in Pakistan who are coming up with ‘Art Movies’. Shoaib Mansoor’s Khuda Kay Liye can be termed as the first ever art movie, which created a very positive image of Lollywood (and of course Pakistan) in other countries. It was released in India as well. Indian superstar Naseer-ud-din Shah also played a very importan guest role in this movie that gave this movie an international image.

Now Mehreen Jabbar, daughter of former minister Mr. Javaid Jabbar has come up as a new Director with a film, Ramchand Pakistani. In this movie, Indian actress Nandita Daas has played a major role. Story is about a Pakstani Hindu child named as Ramchand who crosses the Indo-Pak border by mistake and has to face lot of problems.

Its a common issue between the two countries and many people have suffered a lot due to this issue. Mehreen desaerves lot of appreciation on taking an initiative to bring this issue on silver screen. The film is being released in Pakistana and India on 1st August 2008. So it will be the first Lollywood film that will be released in the two countries at the same time. Hats off to Mehreen Jabbar and we wish her a very good luck.


  1. I have attended the premier show of the movie. No doubt, it is a classic. Strongly recommended.

  2. I am Bangladeshi Professor and also Hindu, I know all over the world the torturing story specially the minority communities are suppressed everywhere. The Administration, the Police , The boarder security how they torture “Ramchand Pakistani” is a milestone and green signal for the harmony of the society. Hats Off to Mehreen Jabbar, and hoping more and more film will produce by this great film maker. Thanks and Regards.

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