Dr. Shahid Masood starting Meray Mutabiq from PTV

Its an interesting news to share that Dr. Shahid Masood is going to start his popular political talk show “Meray Mutabiq” from state TV channel PTV very soon. These days PTV is showing its trailer. Till now no date has been given by the PTV Mangament, where Dr. Shahid is working as the Managing Director now. Dr. Shahid has been criticising President Musharraf strongly in this programme, when it was broadcast from Geo TV. Now we will see that what his action will be; whether it will be “MERAY MUTABIQ” or “UN KAY MUTABIQ” where “Un” is President Musharraf……..



  1. How Do You Know This? any way his fans have seen his real face
    watch the video

    In which he is sitting with the person who he ever criticized.
    Now he is with mush so he may criticize PML(N) & PPP as much as he can and expose the half truth.

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