Samad Khurram – a great and true Pakistani

Samad Khurram - a brave Pakistani Student

Samad Khurram - a brave Pakistani Student

An award distribution ceremony was held in National Arts Gallery, Islamabad on 18 June 2008 to appreciate the brilliant Pakistani students. Samad Khurram, who is studying in Harward University, USA was selected for the Harvard Scholarship Award. US Ambassador to Pakistan, Anne W. Patterson was the Chief Guest who had to distributes the awards.

When Khurram Samad (originally from Lahore) was called up from the stage to receive his award, he put all the audience in surprise by not receiving thae award from US Ambassador€. Instead of shaking hand with the chief guest, he moved to the dice and said, “I will not receive this award as a protest against the cross border attack by Americans in Mohmand Agency, which resulted in the death of 20 Pakistani soldiers and still many more are missing”. He also added that US policy of suppotring President Musharraf is not in the interest of Pakistani nation.

Samad Khurram is not a political person but just a student and still he has to complete his studies in Harward. His great attitude is a light of hope for the youth of Pakistan that we have such persons who can speak the truth without any fear. Its also a lesson for the politicians and government officials who never stop following unreasonable and illogical US orders like slaves.



  1. Our Government must learn from the example of Iran who never came under US pressure.

  2. !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!WOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Pakistan needs like you peoples for the nation to build up a tremendous zeal spirit and determination to put the dignity of Pakistan in front of all the rewards and awards which goes in a personal account of any one.

    You are doing an excellent job MAN

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