‘Petrol Bomb’ blasts in Pakistan

Last night Pakistani government has hiked petrol prices at a maximum level all of a sudden. There is an increase of 11 Rs. on 1 litre petrol and 9.5 Rs. on the same amount of diesel. It has been taken very alarming by the society as poor people have to use public transport for reaching their work destinations and other locations. Hike in the diesel prices will increase the prices of everything, i.e. food items, stationary items, grocery, travelling, daily use items and so and so…….

No doubt that there is an international increase in the fuel prices these days and all those countries, where fuel is purchased from oil producing countries, are suffering a lot due to the hike in fuel prices. However, our government must pay due consideration to find fuel resources in Pakistan as according to researchers lot of petroleum reserves are available in Balochistan and if explored they can help a lot to help nation in coming out of this very very adverse situation.



  1. Really it’s a very sensitive issue for entire nation of Pakistan to realize the crucial and very critical position of Pakistan’s domestic political stage well as world eyes upon us to evaluate us being a terrorist’s people of terrified unsecured unsafe country in the world is awful and shameful. I will request being a patriotic national of Pakistan to all the nation of Pakistan to face the mirror and makeup our ugly face.
    Thank you very much

    Ismail ajaz

  2. Shahid , I really liked your blog. So far I have been reading Rashid on two different web platforms but i didn’t know that you are also a master in similar kind of skills. Keep it up man!!! nice work.

  3. PPP Government has failed to solve the problems of a common man. They must be ashamed. Instead of focusing on the problems, they are holding meetings and useless discussions in Dubai.

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