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Today (20 July 2008 ) I am sick and taking rest at home. Last night Prime Minister Gillani addressed the nation on the television and got the nation in confidence on present critical issues being faced by Pakistani government. He assured that judges will be restored very soon. He also requested people to adopt simplicity and save resources. He asked Investors to make investments in Pakistan and guaranteed that they will be privded governemt protection.

Same day, President of Supreme Court Bar Association, Aitzaz Ahsan held a press conference and announced a new DEADLINE for the restoration of deposed judges on their formerly held positions. He has given the date of 14th August 2008 as the deadline. After that, as he said, lawyers will start “civil disobedience” till their demand is fulfilled.

Shahbaz Sharif eating lunch with a poor villager

Shahbaz Sharif eating lunch with a poor villager

Shahbaz Sharif yesterday visited Liqatpur (District Rahim Yar Khan), fulfilling his commitment to give more attention to the Southern Punjab. He took strict action against the Public Health Engineering Department staff after finding the bad quality unsafe drinking water. Shahbaz showed a nice gesture by accepting a poor villager’s request to have food at his house and he ate with his family.

A note to mention: I (Shahid Javed) worked on the World Bank funded Water Supply development project of Liaqatpur in 2006 from NESPAK Engineering Consultants and we submitted detail technical report for bringing clean drinking water to this city, where people are utilising unnhygienic grey coloured water for long long time. Its pity that even after 2 years this World Bank Project could not improved the situation.

Opinion: Shahbaz Sharif and Aitzaz Ahsan must work together to save Pakistan and help the country coming out of crisis. Shahbaz in my opinion is the best personality for the designation of Prime Minister and Aitzaz Ahsan is the most suitable persons to work as the Foreign Minister of Pakistan. I hope my wish could come true. Serious comments are awaited on this opinion.


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  1. Shahid, thank you for sharing this story with us. It is sad that not many people are aware of the good that Shahbaz Sharif is trying to do. Very touching picture of CM Shahbaz eating food with the poor.

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