Reema Khan in ‘Yeh Ghar Aap Ka Hua’ quiz show

Reema - Host of Yeh Ghar Aap Ka Hua

Reema - Host of Yeh Ghar Aap Ka Hua

Lollywood Superstar Reema has given a new turn to her career. She has joined Geo TV for hosting the quiz show, “Yeh Ghar Aap Ka Hua”. Reema looks quite good and also makes funny comments during the programme. Like Amitabh Bachchan (who compared famous Kon Banay Ga Crorepati), she also creates good suspense after each answer.

However at some points she looks cheap. Specially when she tells about a helpline “Boss mujhay hint chahiye”, she just looks immature.

Amazing thing that is difficult to understand about this programme is the poor intellectual level of the contestants. Sometimes they cannot reply even very easy questions and prefer to use helpline, even that they get selected after a very tough competition. Last week a Medical Doctor from Karachi appeared in the programme and he didn’t know that TITANIC is the name of a ship or of a satellite. Therefore the producers of the programme must ensure that only real intelligent people come to the programme.


One comment

  1. asslam u alikum,
    i am watching your proram for 2 or 3 weeks but there is no interesting in there and the host Mrs.reema is not fit to this program so plz kindly change reema with some one else !!!

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