Shahbaz Sharif – an extra ordinary Chief Minister

Shahbaz Sharif - Punjab Chief Minister
Shahbaz Sharif – Punjab Chief Minister

It was amazing to see the picture of Shahbaz Sharif in the newpapers that he was standing in sewerage water after the heavy rains in Lahore, where WASA failed to drain the rain water well in time. Shahbaz drove his car himself to the older City and came out in the polluted water to get the public complaints and point of views. He immediately order the relevant officers to solve the problem. Such persons are jewels of our society, where rich politicians never bother that what is going on in the streets.

Two days after this, Shahbaz did a great job. He visited Balochistan Province and met with the family of late Akbar Bugti for condolence.
Later he met Chief Minister of Balochistan, Mr. Aslam Raisani and assured him that Punjab will always be with Balochistan for solving the problems faced by the Balochi people. He announced to double the wheat supply to Balochistan from Punjab. He also increased seats allocated for Balochi students in the professional institutes of Punjab, from 90 to 225. Furthermore he added that Punjab Govt. will make a Cardiology Centre in Quetta.
Shahbaz also offered a blank cheque to Mr. Raisani for helping the ever-neglected Provice, Balochistan. Mr. Raisani returned that with thanks and appreciated Shahbaz Shrif’s great love. He added that people of all provinces must come close with each other to cut the differences.
Shahbaz Sharif has done a great job for uniting the people of Pakistan. May Allah bless him with honour and dignity… Amin!


  1. Indeed Shahbaz Sharif should be commended for his efforts. We need more leaders like him!

    Nice site Shahid, keep up the good work!

  2. Thanks a lot for your support and appreciation. Keep visiting the site for getting latest reviews and media stuff.

  3. No doubt both Sharif brothers are loyal, faithful and sincere to Pakistan and the nation.


    is a tiger…… and zardari is …………even i will not cal him a dog as that is even better than him

  5. I am proud to be shahbaz, in my life first time i see that kind of picture.
    may ALLAH Bless him and give courage to do more onward.

  6. He is a man of dignity, honesty & dedication.., May Allah bless you always Mr Shahbaz shareef.., I wish you to be the priminister of Pakistan & also respect Mian Nawaz shareef.., Wish you all the best and people of Pakistan are always with you in country’s better interest…

  7. Sir,app per jitnti umedein wabasta thein, app nay sab par pany pher dia.Complaint cell main hum students ne be shumar complaint likhwaen lakin koh response nayen mila.Meray aik dost ka bhai 15 police terrorism main zakhmi hohay ,app ne 70 hazr denay ka elaan kia, lakin abhi tak kush nahin mila, yeh sirf app ki batein hain,sirf media ki nazron mein aa kar awam ko khosh karnay kay liay. Allah app ko hadyat farmaya.Ameen

  8. Now another PML-N thug, who was unfortunately elected from Islamabad showed his muscles in Federal Government College for Boys, F-10/4, where he and his associates not only tortured the teachers but also ransacked the college.

    The PML-N MNA was furious ashe failed to secure admission for an ineligible student.

    This is the true face of ethnic party of central Punjab PML-N, Members of PML-N are behaving like this when they are not in Federal Government, God forbid if they comes into power what they would do to the innocent people of Pakistan?

  9. Aslam-o-Alikum,
    Dear Sir,
    Ham Multan(khanewal road union consil No.8 Rehman colony k rehne wale hain ) hamre Nazim ka naam Doctor Mustaq hai wo sara din apne hospital main hota hai wo iss colony ki tarqi k liye kuch bhi nahi kar raha khas ker iss colony ki Street No. 14 per koi bhi tuwaja nahi de raha. iss street main na to “Sui Gass” hai na hi “Solling”iss street main rehne waloon se shayad villages main rehne wale behtar zindagi guzar rahe hoon kion k iss main na tu Sui Gass hai Solling aur sab se bahr kar iss Street main ek Bahna hai jo sara Waiste iss street main dal deta hai aur phir taqreeban 3 month k baad utwata hai iss bahne ki waja se poori colony tang hai koi bhi itni taqat nahi rakhta k iss bahne wale ko rok sake kion k wo Gujar hai bhot power full hai umeep hai ap zaroor in tamamm masil ko hal karwaine gaye. ham ne Nazim ko bhi kaha ap ko bhi phle bhot compliant ki shayad wo ap tak nahi pooch saki sirf ap hi hamri aur iss street k rehne walo ki madad kar sakte hain Allah Bless you umeed hai ap zaroor iss masle ko hal karain gaye. hamri sari umeedain bass ap hi se hain ab……… ham apna naam nahi bata sakte kion k wo hamara dusman ban jaye ga iss liye poori colony wale hi tang hain iss se magar koi bhi himat nahi karta kion k bhot se police wale iss k sathi hain aur Relative hain Bahne ka Namm “Nisar ka Bahana” hai
    hamain umeed hain ap zaroor kud inn tamamm masil ko hal karwain gaye inshahAllah

  10. Please sheddy; Don’t delete this comment as this is not against any specific person but just a little try to reduce the “sense of inferiority” in Pak nation for such politicians.

    I don’t say you did something wrong to publish this photo but amazed that why you feel Mr. Shahbaz is a big leader as he came down from his bluddy lexus /Land cruser at a dirty place.

    What they are realized so noble???
    any good Educational background ? NO!
    any devotion for the country ? NO!
    any things extra ordinary that make us to be proud? NO!

    then Shame on Us that we stand in lines to receive them and even feel proud to get a visiting card of such stupids!

    So what if some politician stand at some dirty place .. are they different then us ???

    This is all because of us (Aaam Awaaam) who admire them for minutes and they feel like they are Superman! fot GOD sake man!

    I’m not pin pointing to some specific politician but just trying to make you realize the “Complex of Inferiority” that Pakistanti Nation have for these politicians.

    I saw a video in which there were shown 2 faces of Pakistan :
    1. Grand-Son and daughter of Quaid-e-Azam were weeping in front of camera that they don’t have any money to pay for house rent …

    2. a Huge deligation consisting of 66 cars (i counted myself in video) was going on the road to protect a single person ?????????????/

    What the heck! Lots of Pajeros, Lexus, Prados …. for a single person who is nothing just an elected Wazeer..

    May ALLAH show us the right path and give us some better sense for being impress from right thing

    Good bye!

  11. the all person who wrote abt Mian Saab are just jealous of his personality and for his untiring efforts who ever they both brother made and are making for this country, i just know that if there is any politician and any well wisher of our country in the present political situation they are just Sharif Brothers who can hold and take over this uncertain and crucial situation of pakistani politics. Juug Juug Jeeo Mian Saaab.
    Qadam barhao Miaan Saab Mein Tumhary Saath Hoon. INSHALLAH

  12. sir maine ne bhot bar complain ki hai magar koi fadia nahi howa kion k ye pakistan hai iss liye yahan ussi ki chalti hai jis k pass power hai main Multan union consil no.8 Rehman colony ka rehne wala hoon yahan par street no.14 ki halat boht khrab hai phle number par iss main Sui gass nahi hai aur solling bhi nahi hai yahan par sab se bari waja iss colony main majood street no.14 k pass bahna hai bahne wale apne bahnee ka sara waiste iss street main dal deyta hai aur ye taqriban sara saal hi para rehta hai iss gali waloon ki to himat nahi k usse rook sake kion k wo Gujar hai uss k bahne ka naam ” Nisar Gujar ka Bahna hai”wo sara gobar sewrage main hi dalta rehta hai jis ki waja se sara saal gadar barhe rehte hain jiss ki waja se iss street k sath sath yahan k rehne waloon k liye problem hai yahan k nazim ka naam DOCTOR MUSTAQ hai wo saara din apne hospital main hota hai wo kisse ki nahi sunta bahne wala boht powerfull hai jab bahnoo par bane laga tha tab bhi koi uss k pass nahi aaya ye bahna colony main hai ye bahne wala kise ki nahi sunta plz ap iss colony aur iss gali k rehne waloon par tars khaye plz aur iss bahne k sath sath gali ko bhi theek karwaye ham sab ki umeed hai ap zaroor hamri madad karain gaye

  13. i love u shahbaz shareef u hav done a great job in the history of pakistan u r the only deserving person who should be the prime minister of pakistan

  14. I internally like Mr. Shehbaz his love and equality among his people. I never saw such a leader in whole world truelly speaking. I am not interested in politics but such leader always shines and becomes prominent. Mr Shehbaz I do not have any meaning from you and will say you you are really a great suitable of that post and among such wrost condition you are quite responsible and honest. Keep it up!.

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  16. i am very happy because i have a great leader in pakistan

    its more then benifit because he is in lahore

    I am sorry because a great man in truble for me and my brothers, i like you

    thanks and a bundle ofthanks

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