Aitzaz Ahsan – Only Pakistani in world top 20 intellectuals


Aitzaz Ahson

Barrister Aitzaz Ahsan




Lawyer, politician • Pakistan

President of Pakistan’s Supreme Court Bar Association, Ahsan has been a vocal opponent of President Pervez Musharraf’s rule. When Musharraf dismissed the head of the Supreme Court in March 2007, it was Ahsan who led the legal challenge to reinstate the chief justice and rallied thousands of lawyers who took to the streets in protest. He was arrested several times during the period of emergency rule last year. Today, he is a senior member of the Pakistan Peoples Party, formerly led by Benazir Bhutto, and one of the country’s most recognizable politicians. (Ref:

Aitzaz Ahsan is the President of Pakistan Supreme Court Bar Association. He is a great lawyer, senior politician and a public intellectual. He has been ranked on 5th slot by the US Journal FOREIGN POLICY in a list of World Top 20 Public Intellectuals. Its indeed an honour for Pakistan that this country produced such a dynamic person, who created good repute of the country. Aitzaz Ahsan has taken stand for the restoration of deposed Chief Justice of Pakistan and other 60 judges who were sent to home by President Musharraf on 3rd November 2007 as his illegal emergency imposement.


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  1. His contribution and commitment with the movement for reinstation of the Chief Justice Iftikhar M. Chaudhry is examplary. No doubt, he is a great intellectual.

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