Pak Cricketer Muhammad Asif again in news

Some days back Pakistani cricket fans were shocked to hear that fast bowler, Muhammad Asif was put under the custody of Dubai police on the charge of keeping hashish in his volet. He was kept in police custody for almost 15 days. Then after the serious efforts made by Pakistan Cricket Board (PCB), Dubai police released him and immediately deported. Muhammad Asif was returning from India after playing in Indian Premier League. He denied charges after his return.

Yesterday Pakistani nation once again heard the shocking news that doping test of Muhammad Asif taken in India for the Premier League came out to be positive and now he can be put under a ban for at least two years, which means that he will not be allowed to play Cricket at any level during this time.

PCB must take very serious action against this man, who has created a bad repute of Pakistani sports. In future, all countries organising sports events will check our sportsmen for drugs. Asif should be brought to the court so that he can eb punished for his immature acts that made all the nation feel shame.



  1. PCB yesterday banned Asif for playing any kind of cricket unless full decision comes out from India regarding his dope test. He could not make place in the forthcoming Champions Trophy. Asif’s lawyer said that they will comment after viewing the test details.

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