Ali Azmat – the Boeing!

Ali Azmat - Rock and Pop Singer

Ali Azmat is the most powerful pop singer from Pakistan. He belongs to Lahore and got his early education from St. Andrews School, Lahore. Since his young age, he used to sing songs just in front of his friends and teachers. His nick name is Boeing. Ali joined Lahore based music band Jupiters and due to his strong vocals and great capability of singing english songs. Jupiters became very very popular in number of days.

In 1989, they got a chance to perform in a firrst ever pop music programme on PTV, Music 89. In this programme, Vital Signs also performed who were at the top at that time due to their hit song Dil Dil Pakistan.

However when Jupiters performed YARO YEHI DOSTI HAY, they outclassed all others and this song became the most popular pop song in the history of Pakistan. Ali’s voice was wonderful and all youth became his fan. In Bettle of Bands, Jupiters beat Vital Signs and got 1st position. Jupiters later released their first album DOSTI, which was highly appreciated by the music listeners. Unfortunately Ali got some conflicts with Jupiters Manager Naeem Saeed and left the band in 1990.

Then he made a new band Junoon with Salman Ahmad, who had left Vital Signs. They made some rock songs that could not get popular and their 1st three albums got flopped. At a time, they were given title of the most flopped band.

Then they decided to make sufi rock songs. This brought them in the picture again and they got super hit. Their popular songs include ‘Sayeen’, ‘Sayoni’, ‘Laal Meri Patt’, ‘Bullaya’ ‘Miti’ and ‘Saqi Nama’. Junoon also got Best Band of the Year award from MTV. Now Junoon is no more and Ali performs as a solo singer. He realesed his solo album in 2006, which set good selling records.


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  1. No doubt, Ali is one of the best pop singers in Pakistan. I love his songs Rangon Mayn Khoya, Iltejaa, Saaein, Mitti and Aansoo.

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