Meaningful silence from Dr. Shahid Masood

Some days back Dr. Shahid Masood has joined PTV as its Managing Director. However since then he did not give any statement and has kept quiet, which is meaningful… It’s quite unbelieving that he has done a deal with President Musharraf, who was strongly criticised by Dr. Shahid in his programme ‘Meray Mutabiq’. It shows that how strong money is. Dr. Shahid Masood lost his ego and reputation just for earning big money. He is indeed a traitor of this nation, who left them in the midway and joined hands with those who have put Pakistan in a very instable condition today.

American forces have been attacking Pakistan Army now on regular basis and Pak Army correspondant just issues a protesting statement against the so called Allied Forces. It is lamha-e-fikriya (time to think) that now they can attack any place in Pakistan at any time and Pakistan will not do any action just because our President Musharraf has already taken billion of dollars from US for allowing them toattack any place in our country.

Waiting for thoutful responses by the readers!



  1. Dr. Shahid Masood is now part of the government-owned media. How can he speak freely?

  2. I am saim form Scotland. Only I can say About Dr. Shahid that that he has fallen himselfe from sky to ground. Now there is a no different between Musharraf and Shahid Masood Both ruining Pakistan. He has passed his life earned great honour than why did he accept a big deal. At that Stage I think Money would be 5th periority for him but he though it 1st one. Any way best of Luck Pakistan. I have one complaint to My homeland Pakistan that why do you give birth to people like Shahid Masood, Musharraf, Zardari and Yahya Khan

  3. Dear Mr. Saim,

    I am very happy to read your comments. Its really very shameful for Pakistan that people like Yahya Khan, Zardari, Musharraf and Dr. Shahid are Pakistani and we can’t do anything against such traitors. I pray Allah to do best for Pakistan… Amin!

  4. Dear Shahid

    Ultimately you would be the looser, i bet you.
    i dont wany to say he is traitor of our wiches , regards which he received from the proples of pakistan . i still awaiting some developments from him. may in favour of poor peoples of pakistan or in favour of rulers of pakistan. i heared that he is taking around 3.2 million pak rupee against his services , well we have to see the next step . But i am sure Allah will never get down our country if we decided to take some power ful steps , and stop giving only advices . God always help those who committed to help themselfs. God bless us.

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