New Album of Najam Sheraz – Najam

NAJAM – This is the new pop music album by music maestro Najam Sheraz. Album is released in Pakistan, India and UK. Its just a treat for the music lovers and especially for them who love to listen real melodious songs. Najam has put great effort in preparing this album. Album is recorded Karachi and UK. Although all the songs have been composed and arranged in a professional manner, but ‘Dil Tumhara Bhi Hay’ takes the listener in its grip. What a beautiful slow melody. Najam has used a British female vocalist in this great song and made it a beautiful duet. Other good numbers include TV hit ‘Khawaboun Ke Rishtay’ which is composed and written by music genious Aamir Zaki; Mobilink song ‘Hum Bolain Muhabbat Ki Zubaan’, ‘Jaa Re Jaa’ and punjabi tracks ‘I love you more than anything’ and ‘Mahiya’. Other sonmgs are also good and especially the remix version of ‘Khawaboun Ke Rishtay’ is a club version that makes you feel crazy with joy. I recommend all readeers to purchase the CD or cassette of NAJAM. I am sure you will enjoy listening this beautiful album.


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