Discussions between Muslims and Qadianis

These days on many blogs and websites, you will find lot of discussion between Muslims and Qadianis (who also call themselves as Ahmadis). Both sides try their best to show other that they are right. Amazingly, I am surprised to see one thing. Although Qadianis are much less then Muslims, but whenever there is any news, post or issue regarding their faith or fellow brothers/sisters, they react very promptly. This shows that how much they are active. I am a Muslim Al Hamd Ulillah and try to be soft spoken with Qadianis. I only ask them that why Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) prophesised that there would be 30 false claimants of prophetism and this is a sign of Qayamat (day of judgement). I also ask that if USA is Dajjal (the false claimant of being God) and Mirza Ghlam Ahmad was Jesus (who has to kill Dajjal), then why Mirza did not fight against the US but insisted to avoid JIHAD against the British government.

Mirza Ghulam Ahmad claims that he was Jesus, Imam Mehdi, Hadhrat Maryam and also a new version of Prophet Muhammad (PBUH). Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) who is regarded as the BEST PROPHET by all Muslims and Qadianis unanimously, even never claimed to be ALL-IN-ONE. He never said, “I am Moosa, I am Jesus, I am Ibrahim..balla balla”. So how Mirza can claim this……… Obviously none of the Qadianis can answer these issues. I will therefore request Muslims to avoid discussions with Qadianis as their hearts are SEALED and they can never understand the TRUTH.



  1. I am a Lahori Ahmadi. Hazrat Mirza Ghulam Ahmad did not claim to be a prophet. The whole issue is that we beleive that Jesus died and our Sunni brothers believe that he is alive.
    As for Qadianis, regretably they make up their beliefs as they go along

  2. Dear Friend,
    There is no evidence that Hadhrat Issa (Jesus) lived in India. if so, why Christians dont know about this and second, a Prophet cannot spend his life in silence (without preaching). How did he live without preaching Islam?

  3. Shahid sahib,
    I know Lahori ahmadis call mirza sahib “Mujadid” but mirza sahib wrote with his own hand in his books that he is Prophet here are few ref,
    1-“”Sacha khuda wohi hai jis ne Qadian mein apna Rasool behja””(Dafa’a al Balaa)
    2-“”Hamara dawa hai ke hum Rasool aur Nabi hein””(Badar 15/3/1908)
    3-“”Wohi alfaz hum ko bhi ilham howey hein ke tu bhi aik Rasool hai jaisa ke Firoun ki tarif behjha geya tha””(Malfoozat Vol, 8, Page,424)
    So far concern about Hz Essa’s death or aliveness its not a part of Emaan, mirza sahib use Hz Essa’s issue for his own personal business and he did well this I admit. thnx visit my site to know more about ahmadiyyat. http://www.ahmedi.org

  4. Qadianism is a fitna implanted in Bari sagheer by the then British Rulers to achieve their motives. I have gone through some of his books and the language he uses for some of the prophets is pathetic. No one can use such language not any decent guy what to talk about self proclaimed imam or christ.
    i wonder why he has followers can’t they see his background and his character?

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