Dr. A.Q. Khan’s recent statement about Pak Army

Dr. A.Q. Khan of Pakistan is regarded as nation’s unanimous hero. he is the person who made Pakistan atomic power and contributed a lot for this country. About 4 years back, President Musharraf asked him to confess that he had supplied centrifuges to North Korea and Iran for making the atom bombs. In order to save the reputation of Pak Army, Dr. Khan took this blame on his head. Later he was put into unjustified house arrest without any order from a court of law.

Recently new government took off some restrictions from him. He was allowed to talk at least. Dr. Khan created a difficult situation for the Pak Army when he told in an interview that Pak Army was fully involved in the centrifuges business with North Korea. Many Army ex-generals are unhappy on this statement. On the other hand if one thinks with an open mind, the government put their national hero under prison without any reason. Dr. Khan who is more than 70 now, became sick. Due to his depression now he decided to speak the truth and unveil the reality. Lets see what comes out from international world, especially USA on this statement. KEEP YOUR FINGERS CROSSED.


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