Nazia Hassan – voice of the youth

Nazia Hassan can be termed as the BEST FEMALE POP SINGER in ths music history of Pakistan. She was born on 3rd April 1965 and left this world on 13th August 2000, when she could not resist against cancer that took her life.

Nazia’s voice had a tremendous appeal that touched the hearts of youth in Pakistan and India. Her great sons included Dosti, Disco Deewanay, Aap Jaisa Koi, Boom Boom, Aao Naa Pyar, Taali Dey Thalay, Dil Ki Lagi and many other to follow the list. Her brother Zoheb Hassan sang many duet songs with her. Both of them are founders of pop music industry in Pakistan. Now although Nazia in not with us, still her beautiful voice makes us fresh and relaxed. We pray to Allah for being kind with her soul.


  1. U have been my sweet heart since i was in class 3. u r still in my heart baby and u shall always reside there. i still love u. u shall always rest in peace within me.

  2. Nazia, you will always be my inspiration, the kind of love that we need, the kind of heart that fit in mine, i love you Nazia, we will be all together one day

  3. Nazia Hassan was a great singer. Her voice touched my soul. She will always live in the hearts of her fans and i am one of those.

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