Bill Gates – A real great man!

World’s longest time ‘Richest’, owner of Microsift, Mr. Bill Gates retired from Microsoft on 27th of June 2008. He is now going to dedicate rest of his life to the needy and poor people of this world. He announced that he would be leaving only (for him) 1 Million US$ for his family when he leaves this world. Rest of the money will be held by ‘Bill Gates Foundation’, which will spend it on improving the condition of poor and needy people.

Its amazing that how humble Bill Gates is even being so rich and having everything he wished in his life. Due to his great nature, US people feel proud for being his country fellows. Pakistan and other Muslims countries lack such dynamic and great people, who can take such steps. Every rich and resourceful person must follow this great example set by none other but the Harward’s dull student, Bill Gates.


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