Shahbaz Sharif may be removed from Chief Ministership

Shahbaz Sharif - President PML(N)

Pakistan is already facing very bad political situation these days, which have turned worse with the decision of PCO judges against Mr. Nawaz Sharif that he can not take part in the forthcoming by-elections. Unfortunately, Mr. Shahbaz Sharif, his younger brother and Punjab Chief Minister may also loose his chief ministership just because he did not take back his papers from Rawalpindi constituency after being selected as an MPA unapposed from Bhakkar.

According to present law, if a member is selected from another constituency, he has to leave his previous seat. If Shahbaz does so, he will have to take the oath again and as per an ammendment done by President Musharraf, he cannot become Chief Minister for the third time. Therefore now its a big issue as a petition has been entered in the Lahore High Court, which already disqualified Nawaz Sharif from contesting in the by-elections.



  1. If it happens, it would be a disaster and unjustice to the people of the province.

  2. Shahbaz Sharif left his Rawalpindi seat and ket his forst seat from bhakkar. So now there is no danger to his chief minister ship. 🙂

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