Nayyara Noor – a real Melody Queen

Nayyara Noor - Melody Queen

Roothay Hou Tum, tum ko kaisay manaoon piya…..

This sweetest song from Pakistani film Aaina takes listeners’ full attention and makes them relaxed and happy. This wonderful melody and several others such as Hum ke thehray ajnabi, Woh jo hum mayn, Kabhi hum khoobsoorat thay, Mujhay wida ker, and Dosti ka ik samandar are beautiful artpieces from Nayyara Noor. She is a real Melody Queen from Pakistan.

Nayyara sang songs for Pakistani films and TV shows. Like Noor Jahan, her voice is also very soothing and melodious and listeners cannot think of anything else while she is singing. She is a low-profile eastern lady like Lata Mangeshkar and has a very strong character due to which she has never been involved in any scandal. We wish her a very good life….


One comment

  1. undoubtedly nayara voice is asset to pak music
    for the last several years no exposure is given to
    nayara or perhaps nayara avoid herself exposure
    with national economy every thing shirinked too. come nayara apear again voices never dye
    good luck

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