Dr. Shahid Masood joins PTV as Managing Director

Dr. Shahid Masood

Famous political anchor-man Dr. Shahid Masood has joined Pakistan Television (Ptv) as Managing Director. Dr. Shahid is very popular for his talk show Meray Mutabiq, which was telecast from GEO TV and his bold questions made all Pakistani people his fans. His programme’s viewership set new records. Few days back government banned his programme when three ex-Generals of Pakistan Army raised their voices against President Musharraf in his programme.

It is difficult to say anything on his new role that whether it is due to a deal (for keeping him away from such talk shows in which government or Musharraf are kept on target) or giving Ptv a new image. Time will answer this question. However his absence will be felt a lot by his fans.



  1. “Meray mutabiq was telecast on Geo” is this mean that the program is banned for ever?

  2. Fiza,
    After becoming the MD of Ptv, now at least Dr. Shahid Masood will not anchor that programme that will affect its popularity and viewership, because people always liked his style.

  3. Its very poorly act in which banned,Mery mutabiq such kind of program shows realty of pakistan.so please carry on .

  4. PTV is a goverment based institution. It never speaks out against the on going etstablished government. I am sure Dr. Shahid will not be able to continue his role on PTV as on GEO. I wonder why GEO and Jang have not publicized this matter the way they do it for other news. The guy who was criticizing the establishment few months ago now have his picture taken by standing shoulder to shoulder with the estabishment. I want the comments of Hamid Mir upon this, who knows he becomes the GM of PTV after some time

  5. hey i would like to inform u people that dr .shahid masood is starting “mere mutabiq”
    on PTV( its official)

  6. every person has its price, I learned it couple of years back.

    “Somebody” has paid the price of Dr. Shahid taking him as the MD PTV

  7. congratulations DR. Shahid, you have marketed your thoughts, so you are being taken as MD PTV.
    I think, ARY did right with you to kick you out from their channel.
    Today, I repent, I had been wasting my time in watching your programmes.
    You have encashed yourself and we had been wasting our time in watching your programmes.

  8. Let me say some thing!
    It is not a fault of Dr.Shahid; it’s a fault of an offer, a post with its Privilege, which knocks the door of Dr. and he accepts, its not only done by Dr. it can be done by any one if he /she deserves it. (It is a nature of all human being)
    Let us talk about our self if we are offered and there is no any difficulty or forbidding restrictions to accept that, then what will be our decision for the same?
    A positive approach first impacts upon our own self and builds our personality, then inspire others to change their thoughts.

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