Qadiani Students expelled from Medical College

23 Qadiani (Ahmadi) students got expelled from different classes of Punjab Medical College, Faisalabad. Expelled students include 15 female and 8 male students. They were charged for preaching qadianiyat to the Muslims students.

Qadianis were declared as non-Muslims in 1973 by the Government of Pakisrtan and they are not allowed to call themselves as Muslims or preach to any Muslim.



  1. Why they don’t have right to preach their religion? Do only Muslim have rights? One can only reject them by argument not with force. Islam is religion of Peace and tolerance. Best wishes for expelled students on the behalf of true Muslims .

  2. Here is some info;

    [Quote]No entry for clerics: Health Additional Secretary Saeed Nawaz told Daily Times that a meeting would be held with the PMC principal on the issue. He said that the department was sympathetic to Ahmadi students. He said that local cleric should not address students in college mosques.[/Quote]

    …and also

    [Quote] He alleged that the boarders, with the consent of hostel wardens, forced 15 students – 11 girls and five boys –to leave the hostels at 4am on June 4. He alleged that on June 5, a mob of 300 college students had barged into Ahmadi students’ rooms, beat them and threw their luggage out of their rooms. He alleged that the boarders also stole valuables of Ahmadi students. He said that the PMC principal had also ordered the Ahmadi students to return home till the matter cooled down. [/Quote]

  3. Yes, definitely they have the right to preach others. But the main objection is that they insist to be called Muslims and this is not acceptable.

  4. Being Muslims its our faith that Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) is the final Prophet and anyone not accepting this very basic fact must be considered a non-Muslim. However, in my opinion, the PMC students should have been given serious warning to avoid preaching of this baseless cult (Qadianiyat) and there future must not be put into dark by expelling them.

  5. “Being Muslims its our faith that Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) is the final Prophet and anyone not accepting this very basic fact must be considered a non-Muslim. ”

    Really? Then what is this molvi saying?

  6. We need to get one thing straight here. as an islamic state, these Ahmadi individuals have an inalienable right to live and prosper here and contribute to society and ecomony. As far as preaching goes… NO. Islam does not permit that within the realm of an Islamic state. I see this only as an attempt towards secularism. Ahmadis (and all other monorities) should repect the boundaries set for them and learn to live as civilized, law-abiding citizens.

  7. Meer Sahib,

    I understand that you are also a Qadiani, but please dont use this forum to prove anything as we are more than 100% clear on this issue and have already debated with many many people from your cult on this. Noone could come up with a valid reference from Hadees or Quran.

  8. Yes, I agree that these medical students may be given one chance if they assure not to repeat such attitude in future.

  9. Mr. Saqib,
    I did not approve your comments because as I said earlier we are not here to debate on Qadianiyat. Unfortunately your Iman also needs purification and I am 100% sure that you are also Qadiani who is supporting them too much. I only believe in one thing that Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) told clearly that there would be around 30 false prophets after him and it is one of the signs of Qayamat. He never ever mentioned Mirza or anybody else in Ahadees. So please close this chapter and dont waste your and our time. THANKS!

  10. it was v rightly done to thoes who dont believe that Prophet Muhammad (S.A.W.W)is the last prophet n still call them muslim n also wrote this on their admission form. I f they give the example of Qaid’s saying abt minorities then they shud make it v clear that in a muslim state minority means any non-muslim community.n they themselves call them as a minority (as was written by them in some website). They must pay 4 that.

  11. All those who are favouring the expulsion decision by PMC should think many of you living in non muslims country and enjoying religious liberty. Mosques are being built, islamic schools are being runn. Islam is being preached to non muslims. What whould you done if all your such activities are banned? Why it not possible in your own country? Open your minds and think about it.

  12. Governer Punjab Salman Taseer has asked Secretary Health to look into the matter and submit the enquiry report so that the issue may be resolved. I support Sana that why these students did not declare themselves Ahmadi in Admission Forms. A.K. Sheikh has uploaded a video message on Youtube about the expelsion of students.

  13. i want to invite all these friends who wrote their comments here plz visit a website with open minds one of my friend wrote here prophet (P.B.U.H)declared 30 false prophet after him if mirza sahib is false prophet so why his jamat spread all around more than 190 countries?why GOD help him?
    i strictly condem this action of pmc.Ahmadis accept muhammad (S.A.W)by heart .

  14. Dear Ms. Sehrish,
    Although I dont appreciate that religion should be discussed on this forum, but I thought that you will feel me a biast person that I am not.

    I acknowledge your point of view. But please just consider one thing. Jamaat Ahmadiya is no doubt converting non-Muslim people because unfortunately they don’t know about its basics. On the other hand if you check internet and other sources, MUSLIMS converts are many times higher to them. I mean people who embrace Islam outclass in number to those who become Qadiani/Ahmadi. If you people are the RIGHT ONES then why Allah banned your entry into the Kaa’ba and you people can’t perform Umra or Hajj? Why did all Muslim Ulama unanimously declared you people as Non-Muslims? If you want more info, can send me email at

  15. QADIYANIAT (so called Ahmediyyat ) is a non-genuine maneuvered ideology, invented by anti-Islam imperialist forces, aiming at shaking the very foundations of Islam. Qadiayanis are nothing but a gang of traitors, apostates and infidels, and yet many still accompany them out of confusion and lack of knowledge. The purpose of this site is to disclose the anti-Islamic character of these heretics and provide relevant information to those who need it. Needless to say that it is the primary religious duty of every Muslim to struggle against this evil.

  16. Greetings all,
    I am an Ahmadi and have read portions of Mirza sb.’s writings. I frequently visit sites which give any evidence which supposedly proves him to be a liar. I must say that there is nothing in his writings which is against Islam as far as I have read( and reading).
    For your information we do not say we are not an Ahmadi when asked and we are ordered by our khalifa to write as so in admission forms. It should be noted that universities do not ban students on the basis of their religious beliefs.
    All of you people should ask the government to play the events of 1973 court where we were declared non-muslims. This way will not everyone see that how wrong we are and will not it be easy to convey mullah’s message to ‘unaware’ public of our claims?
    It is worth noting that the Mr Bhutto asked our khalifa of that time to not to openly discuss the events. Why?
    We do not preach the unwilling nor have any desire to force people into believing us. People just ask us what we are and when we explain, the moulvi’s say that we are luring innocent baits into our traps by providing them with girls. How ridiculous!

  17. i am ahmadi muslim .the expelled of the ahmadi student is a this wrong step of the collage admnistrator. this absolotly wrong.

  18. sheddy73 on one hand you are telling all the ahmadis not to discuss relegion but on the other hand you are letting anti ahmadis to write hateful messages against ahmadis. Is this objectivity? I totally respect your opinions that you don’t want this forum to be used for relegious discussion, and as this is your rule of the website as per Prophet Muhammad (saw) we should not discuss this. But please don’t let others spread hatered against any other relegion using this website as well, if you will.

    I also suggest all the ahmadi brothers and sisters who write on this website, not to write too much on such forums as this only provides fuel to non-ahmadis for spreading fire of hate. If you can’t bear the abuse, please close this website. Thanks.

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