Barack Obama and his views

Barack Oabama has been seleced as the final US presidental candidate by Democrtics. He was born into a Muslim family in Kenya but later he became Christian. Unfortunately, this man is anti-Islamic and has strong feelings jews. He has started raising his loud voice against Iran and in the favour of Israel.

Definitely, he will never prove a good US president for Pakistan, which is already suffering a lot after supporting USA in so called WAR ON TERROR. So we should be ready to face a new version of George W. Bush.


One comment

  1. Obama is one person who I would term a true radicalist in terms of ideas. I beleive this person is a strong element for change and remember, change is always positive. I dont think him changing his religion or giving pro-jewish remarks has much to do with Pakistan’s fate since any given American presidne t has to work on certain guidelines and defined poicies. However, in case of Obama I notice a certaion freedom of thought and ideas, not capped by diplomacy and conventioanlism. no wonder the American people have gone for him like crazy…

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