Should Musharraf be given safe way?

Unfortunately, President Musharraf is a person that runied not only judiaciary but also handed over hundredes of innocent Pakistani citizens to USA to get millions of dollars. He killed many practising Muslims in Lal Masjid and Bajour Agency, just because they were learning Quran and were raising their voices against vulgarity and non-Islamic things.President Musharraf did not allow former Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif to enter Pakistan even after the ruling of Supreme Court. He was also involved in the under-rate privatising of Pakistan Steel Mills, which was stopped by the Supreme Court. Mr. Musharraf killed people in Karachi on 12th May 2007, when his supported MQM spread voilence to kill those who had gathered to welcome detained Chief Justice, Mr. Ch. Iftikhar. President Musharraf also kept Dr. A.Q. Khan under illegal house arrest. Should he be given safe way to quit????




  1. Unfortunately, never precedented in the past, that an Army officer was brought to court of law. Ziaul Haq was the only who literally reaped what he sowed but not as a procedure of law but as ‘makafat-i-amal’. His allie Mr. Short-cut Tarin safely escaped and is now rejoined his duties in the bank (Citi Bank, perhaps). Bank is least concerned about the fact that its top most officer has earned the worst credits as PM of Pakistan where he has all the financial and administrative poweres. Print and Electronic media exhibited a lot about the performance of Mr. Tareen, especially PSM scam is significant charge to fire him from his existing responsibility.
    Moreover, the politicians sitting in parliament, are angels of NRO drafted by Musharraf.
    As a result of all above, Pakistan is still moving away from its targets with the same acceleration.

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