Present political situation in Pakistan

Today Pakistan is facing a very hard time. Our dictoator President Mr. Pervaiz Musharraf has brought the country at a point, where there is no hope for the residents. He kicked out the honourable judges of the Supreme Court and High Courts on 3rd of November 2007. Due to this action, whole nation was upset and after the 2008 Elections they were hopeful to see restoration of judiciary and resigning of the President. But so far none of them has occured. President is being supported by the US government, because he followed their orders without giving any consideration to the national interests.

Now lawyers of Pakistan have announced a LONG MARCH on 10th June 2008, which will be supported by mainstream political parties of the country, i.e. PML-N, Jamaat-e-Islami and Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaaf. We are hopeful that good days will come soon when Justice M. Iftikhar Chaudhry and other detained judges will be restored.



  1. But isnt Asif Zardari both a bigger thief and thug then Musharraf is??? As Imran Khan very correctly put it in a recent interview, “Jiss Qaum ka Zardari jaisa leader ho, Us Qaum ka Allah hi Hafiz hai”! The helpless state of Restoration of democracy Movement has less to do with Musharraf’s inner evil and more to do with tying the restoration with a Constitutionla Package that may or may not be accepted. Seems as if redefining priorities is an easy job here in pakistan… just shuffle the cards and make fool of the nation. Who knows!!!

  2. Regret to share that once again the matter is being put before a committee of PPP and PML-N for reviewing the Constitutional package. I foresee that Zardari is not sincere to reinstate the deposed judges.

  3. hi
    i am in great fix due to the situtation of present in the country .i have only one suggestion to control this problem, finsh fudial lords.

  4. Patriotism of Pakistanis could be tested any where in the world by asking them to help their country in rainy days but what about super class of people (richest fuedals, industrialists, drug lords and above all the politicians who successfully run the highly profitable business of politics in the Pakistan. An estimated rate of profit in Pakistani politics is 1000 to million per cent, details can be calculated by politicians increasing wealth. Majority of Pakistanis living abroad are labor class and highly skilled professional. No body give them money for nothing. They have to work hard for it. Some of them are businessmen who also work very hard to earn their fortune. There is no favor or nepotism in open markets of the world. After all these hard work they should give money to the country because few people of super class have taken country wealth abroad. I have lived and worked in Middle East and visited Europe and now living in USA for last 10 years, I found average Pakistan more patriotic that upper class of the country. We are ready to come forward again and will help/ invest in the country but this upper class should be stopped to taking national wealth abroad and participate accordingly in saving and investing in the country. At present two richest group of politician in power, they should provide the biggest share instead of going for begging to the rich nations. The richest nations are not rich by begging but by hard work. The upper class should go and observe how hard Chinese are working, come to USA and observe how people work and live here.The government of Pakistan should imediatly issue foreign currency investment bond offering good rate of return still better than IMF and world Bank, We Pakistanis abroad will buy with our savings and is a great help. The bonds should be gaureneted by international authorities The editor of Pakistan Times is a talented lady who invite us to write these comments. Her services are highly appreciated by Pakistanis living abroad. Pray for the country where majority population is helpless in front of few exploiters of supper class of rich politicians and defense forces have no choice but to defend them in the system. All the best. KHWAJA AFTAB ALI, Advocate & I.P. Attorney. Phone.4077293983

  5. Pakistan’s Ignored Rural Areas
    By Khwaja Aftab Ali Florida

    Five regional cities should be upgraded within the provinces in Pakistan: Dera Ismail Khan in NWFP, Gawadar/Qalat in Balouchistan, Sukkar/Larkana in Upper Sindh, Jehlum/Rawalpindi and Multan in Punjab province. These cities have been ignored by the federal and provincial governments although they have their own history, culture and languages. Dera Ismail Khan in the south of Pakhtun khwa/MWFP is under siege, Multan/DG Khan in the south of Punjab is the next target of religious extremists, Sukkar/Larkana is being ruled by criminals, Gawadar/Qalat appears troublesome. The people of these regions have to travel to provincial capitals trivial reasons. A good number of people are also forced to travel to big cities to earn livelihood as the local feudal who own majority land treat the common man as their virtual slaves. Creation of regional government and upgrading of regional cities will save a lot of money and time of the poor people of these areas. Circuit benches of the High Courts are already functioning in these places and what is required is additional staff to beef up different departments engaged in additional work at the provincial capitals. The concerned authorities should immediately consider to upgrade the regional cities. And immediate attention should be given to upgrade/build the airports, TV stations, civic centers, libraries, hospitals, educational institutions and bolstering investment opportunities for Pakistanis living abroad. Foreign firms should be encouraged to create jobs in the areas as the majority population in rural Pakistan does not have enough resources to survive. In this context I am reminded of the conditions obtaining in Iran before the Islamic Revolution when rural Iran continued to be ignored and the capital Tehran was developed and called the ‘Paris of the Middle East’. A couple of big cities, including Isfahan, and the Caspian Sea area were developed because of the attraction they possessed for foreign tourists but the rural area was ignored and plagued by problems of sorts as it was ruled by ruthless police and intelligence forces. It was but natural that the rural population supported the Islamic Revolution and moved to Tehran and other big cities and later ruled the cities. After the revolution, the new government was motivated to develop the rural areas of Iran. There is thus a pressing need to set up a fund to upgrade/build the regional cities in Pakistan under the aegis of the public and private sectors. Our foreign friends and Pakistanis living abroad could be asked to participate in this singularly important developmental effort. ——————————————————————————
    Editor: Akhtar M. Faruqui © 2004 . All Rights Reserved.

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